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Phoenix Mobile Home Furnaces

Norris Air Inc. has been serving the greater Phoenix, AZ area for over thirty years. Our experienced HVAC technicians can provide you with any type of mobile home furnace service. We offer installation, replacement, maintenance or repairs on all makes and models of gas or electric furnaces throughout the entire Phoenix area. Even if we didn’t install your gas or electric mobile home furnace, we can take care of all your repairs and routine maintenance needs. Whenever you have concerns or questions, just give Norris Air a call and ask to speak with one of our furnace experts.

Norris Air Inc. provides heating and air conditioning in Phoenix, Scottsdale, Mesa and the surrounding areas.

Mobile Home and Park Model Home Gas Furnace Services in Phoenix

Whether you need an installation or repair, our Phoenix mobile home furnace technicians are trained to service any make or model gas furnace. You should always hire an HVAC contractor who is experienced with working on mobile home equipment, namely because mobile home furnaces require different installation methods than a traditional home furnace.

Because the ductwork in mobile homes are smaller to fit the limited space, it takes more pressure to move the same amount of air through a smaller space; therefore, it must be matched with a fan blower that can adequately distribute the air to each supply register.

For gas furnaces, all mobile home models will require a "sealed combustion" ventilation system, which sends the combustion waste directly to the outside, reducing energy waste and the of carbon monoxide intrusion.

Mobile home gas furnaces on the market today have much higher AFUE ratings than older models, so if you think it’s time to replace your old furnace, call us for expert advice. We’re always glad to help you choose the right system, and go over the cost benefits of installing a new high–efficiency gas furnace.

Phoenix Mobile Home Electric Furnace Installation, Maintenance, and Repair

When you buy a new furnace, our Phoenix furnace technicians will install your new unit and ensure that it performs at optimal levels with our maintenance plan and routine tune ups. As with any HVAC system, scheduling an annual check–up can extend the life of your electric furnace system and help to lower your bills. A yearly maintenance visit gives our technicians an opportunity to provide a comprehensive inspection so that you can avoid any future repairs.

Even with proper maintenance, your furnace can fail for any number of reasons, and you should call us immediately if you need an emergency repair. Our qualified technicians are always equipped and ready to make repairs on the spot to get your heat on again. Our Phoenix customers depend on us for fast, reliable service, and we want you to join the Norris Air family. Call us any time to speak with one of our HVAC team members if you would like to know more about our furnaces services and products.

Norris Air — Proudly Providing Mobile Home Furnace Services to Phoenix

Let the Phoenix heating specialists at Norris Air, Inc. take care of all your furnace services in Phoenix and the entire surrounding ara. We provide everything from installation to emergency repairs. We get the job done right the first time, so you don’t have to worry about getting your home comfort needs met with us. Please take a moment to browse our website to learn about all the HVAC services we provide, or call us any time with your questions.